The Virtual Memoir Writing Club

Free Guided Memoir Writing Class through the crisis.

Guided Memoir and Life Story writing using the Guided autobiography (GAB) method is a powerful way to write and preserve your life stories and simultaneously gain profound personal insight and connection. The online workshops offer a safe, non-judgmental setting for participants who seek to understand or share the major themes of their lives and learn from others as they do the same.

  • Each week, the instructor shares priming questions to inspire memories for various themes such as; branching point, health, work, etc.
  • At home, participants pen a two-page story on the theme, which they share the following week in a supportive, confidential environment.
  • NO WRITING EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. Each participant is telling their story in their words. Ongoing guidance is provided.


  • Internet
  • Computer, Webcamera & Microphone (If you would like to participate and do not have these, please reach out to your community director.)
  • 4 week/workshop commitment.
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