Guided Life Story Class-Enroll Now

Guided Life Story Class-Enroll Now

Here you will find details about our guided life story writing classes using a structured method.

Guided Memoir writing and Guided Life Story writing classes using the Guided autobiography (GAB) method is a powerful way to write and preserve your life stories. You also gain profound personal insight.

GAB certified instructors Lily Bengfort and Leigh Morrow can help you connect and create resilience and find community during this time of isolation.

The feedback and participant reviews by writers who have taken our story writing class speak volumes about the value of writing your life story or writing your memoir using the Guided Autobiography (GAB) method.

Stay in and spend two hours with us through our live virtual classes.

We’re not letting COVID-19 stop us. Feel connected by joining our virtual classes and community. By sharing our stories, we also share the experience. We are in a global crisis that demands we keep isolated yet we need to feel connected. We are in this together. The online live virtual classes and workshops offer a safe, non-judgmental setting for participants to learn about themselves and connect with others as you write your life story two pages at a time.

  • Each week, the instructor shares priming questions to inspire memories for various themes such as; branching point, home, family, etc. Themes include both pandemic related questions and life questions.
  • At home, participants pen a two-page story on the theme, which they share the following week in a supportive, confidential environment.
  • NO WRITING EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. Each participant is telling their story in their words. Ongoing guidance is provided.


  • Internet
  • Computer, Web camera & Microphone (If you would like to participate and do not have these, please reach out to your community director.)
  • 6 week/workshop commitment. 

Join our free sessions and connect and find community. Classes are offered on Tuesday mornings and Wednesday afternoons/evening. Classes throughout the year.

Enroll in a Guided Life Story Class.

Stay safe. Stay in. Write To Connect.

Want a look into the Online guided memoir/GAB Course? Browse the link below.

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