Here are what our writers say about their experiences with taking a guided life story class also known as guided autobiography  (GAB) or a guided memoir class with  GAB trained instructors and the My Story Guide team Lily Bengfort and  Leigh Morrow.

These writer and participant reviews are just a small sampling of the thousands of students who have taken our classes using the GAB method.

It’s A Community


“GAB showed me how to dive deep into my experience of an unprecedented time, and offered a format to safely share it.

It also gave me a community of others who are doing the same yet in their own unique way.

The gifts of GAB far exceed the autobiographical writing I have created- I laughed, I cried, I came to know myself and others in a new way. Thank you

Crystal Buchan-BC, Canada


Structure and Stimulation to Write

“I really enjoyed and appreciated the class. It provided a structure and great ideas to help stimulate the writing process.

I learned that in order to write, you just have to DO it and do it regularly.

I hope to pick up where I left off and to write regularly, this is just not a good time for that.

I most of all enjoyed meeting all the interesting women and having the opportunity to hear their stories as told through their unique writing voices. “

Annie Haines-York, Pennsylvania


Get Feedback, Support and Encouragement

“Everyone’s story is unique and needs to be told.

GAB is a great place to get feedback, support, and encouragement .

The writing prompts delve deep into your memories and helps articulate them in words.

A great way to write your life story to gift to your children.”

Farida Guzdar, Columbia, Maryland


Explore Your Creative Writing

“The GAB class is a great way to understand your own history and life path.

Even if you don’t intend to write a full autobiography, this class helps you explore your creative writing potential.”

Julie Turner, Queenstown, Maryland


Hear Interesting Stories

“It is a great opportunity to work at your writing and get good suggestions and hear other interesting stories.”

Betsy Hague, Bethesda, Maryland


Informative and Enthusiastic Instructors


“The instructors were informative and enthusiastic. They made me feel comfortable and motivated to put pen to paper.

I loved having other people in the group from near and far. Hearing their stories was gratifying and really gave incentive to write more in my personal daily life.

One of my biggest takeaways was their recommendation for Julia Cameron’s book The Artists Way.

My copy has already arrived and I’m hoping it will for me to continue on!”

Julie Spangler Madden, Fulton, Maryland


Share and Learn

“A wonderful opportunity to share and learn about our common human experience. An opportunity to get started with writing your stories”.

Anju Bhargava

Jump Start Your Writing

“If you ever wondered how or where to start writing your own life story, try GAB. It will jump start the process and you will not want to stop.”

Rob Lamp, Orlando, Florida


Topics Fundamental to Growth

“This class has forced me to complete a full thought of topics that are fundamental to the growth of my present and future self.”

Wagas Janjari, Baltimore, Maryland


Exploration and Healing

“This was an opportunity to explore my life experience, put into words a compelling narrative and share with others.

It was healing for me. Deeply listening to other’s experience is enriching as we commonly experience being human in so many ways.”

Betty Jean Wadland, Michigan


Hearing, Sharing  and Coaching

“Hearing these beautiful people and their stories. My opportunity to likewise share. The three mentors did a fantastic job of coaching us through the exercises.”

Ev Cherrington, Ames, Iowa


Safe and Comfortable Environment

“This is one the most exciting class I’ve taken in a long time, with people who are not afraid to let their personal feeling known.

We were all made comfortable enough to share the most intimate things we’ve never shared with our own children. The comfort level was a great one to be in and you all make that possible”.

Jean Tiwari, West Palm Beach, Florida


Write Better, Share More.

“The facilitators were terrific. While we felt like we were in a class situation they were very easy going and open which made it easy for the participants to relax and settle in.

Everything was well presented and the class outline encouraged us to write better and share more. The comments we received after our share were motivating”.

Karen Collins, British Columbia, Canada


Clearer aspects of Writing

“From listening to other stories, I became very clear about mood, gesture, intention and visual, sensual aspects of writing.”

Lynne Green, British Columbia, Canada


Awakened the Storyteller

“I am not a writer. At least I didn’t think so until Leigh and Lily awakened the story teller in me.”

Kim Stansfield, British Columbia, Canada


Make New Friends-Take a Trip and Never Leave the Farm

“It was all very positive…I have always been a writer at heart…My excuse for not writing was that I was too busy living life…It was great to get back in the realm… With the group, I have made new friends…We all have stories to tell…All of the participants have helped develop my character… Being an online class, through Zoom, added another dimension…This was a new experience for me, and ultimately, a very good one…There is a certain distance from everyone else…In my scale of degrees of communication, I call it Second Degree Communication, (First Degree Communication being face to face)…And that space can be beneficial to the process… “Take a trip and never leave the farm.”… Cheers for the great class!”

Jerry McAnulty, British Columbia, Canada


Writing Will Flow More Easily and Bring Pride

“Everyone has an interesting story to tell, all unique to themselves and worthy of documentation. It is certainly worth learning how to build and frame your creative efforts so writing your personal biography will flow more easily and bring you much pride.”

Bonnie Snyders, British Columbia, Canada

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