Who is The Story Guide

Who is The Story Guide

Who is The Story Guide?

I’m Lily, founder, CEO, writer, author, instructor, and personal cheerleader to help you write your memoir. I’m the person most passionate about helping you write your book and empowering your creative self.

I believe that everyone’s life is a story worth telling. I also believe that helping you tell yours in a way that honors and encourages you today will create a legacy that inspires others for generations.

Since childhood, I have sat at the breakfast table and listened to the stories of my extended family and of our history and migration across three continents. First from India to Guyana as indentured workers, then to the United States. Over the last decade, I have been on a path to listening to and preserving these stories, recipes and culture here for my family and the next generation. I was destined to be the family historian and storyteller. I have listened to the stories at the feet of my elders. And I started my career as a Journalist working for a newspaper and radio station. I made a living as a CEO for a technology company and am now helping others explore their creative selves and bring their stories to life. On any given day, you can find me listening to people’s stories everywhere from the playground, to the football stadium, to the local craft distillery or attending or perusing the creative works of others through the Maryland State Arts Council.

Our team at The Story Guide includes two journalists, a graphic designer, technologists, CEO and life coach. We have been helping people tell their stories for more than 27 years as reporters in both radio and television, as mothers and grandmothers. We have been privileged to hear and share many important narratives. Our passion is about bringing stories to life and we’ve found the most important narratives to be the truth.

As certified teachers of Guided Autobiography from The Birren Institute for Autobiographical Studies in California,  we can share helpful writing tips with you, provide helpful tools for you to use as you organize and tell your life stories, and improve your writing along the way.  With Guided Autobiography (memoir), you will create, in one book, a detailed account of your Life’s most significant passages, for yourself and for those who come after you.

How Can We help you?

The Guided Memoir offers memoir/ or autobiography services to meet you right where you are. From your first story to holding your printed book in your hand, we help take the anxiety and hassle out of writing and publishing. Whether you come to us having never written a word before, or with a partially completed manuscript, we’re ready to guide you every step of the way.

Why do we do what we do?

The mission of Guided Life Story is to honor, encourage, and enrich the lives of individuals and families through writing, telling and preserving their life stories/memoirs. By doing so, we leave a legacy and connect our lives through generations.

We accomplish our mission through Live virtual and in-person writing courses, workshops, and retreats. Our writing sessions include one hour guided flash writing sessions, 6-week guided memoir sessions, Full Day guided workshops and weekend retreats.  Services also include guidance on publishing that can deliver your books for private family libraries and guidance for those who wish to make a profit by selling their books online and locally.

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