Writing Through The Crisis-A Silver Lining

Just today I was talking to members of The Birren Center for Autobiographical Studies teaching group,  during a call to discuss helping homebound active seniors and others connect and find community through this crisis. Shortly after, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was addressing New Yorkers and the nation on how to make use of the time and be supported. He suggested at 41:51 during his speech that writing your life story is a good thing to do while you have the advantage of time.

I have been teaching, writing and sharing my life stories through two hours of LIVE connection for a while now: Our virtual guided memoir/life story writings where anyone like you can write and talk about their journey was invaluable before the crisis and even more during this extraordinary time.

Immersing yourself in books? Movies? Writing? This is the time when writing and sharing our stories can lift us up from the struggles and anxieties. It’s also a special time to join in community where we find inspiration and meet and join hands and hearts.

Through Guided Memoirs, we have been offering programs about writing to heal, and inner listening and supporting you in your quest to have a voice, to draw upon your wisdom and persistence to write your stories.

We want to offer connection and inspiration during this challenging time, so we’re inviting you to join us for a Free guided 1 hour flash writing class or a free 4 Week Guided Memoir Workshop based on Guided Autobiography.

Visit this link to sign up and to learn more here.


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